Twitter users should change their passwords as the company found a bug

Many people use Twitter and they all assume that their information is safe. This was true until recently when Twitter found a bug in its system that stored passwords unmasked. Basically, Twitter employees had access to users’ passwords. Normally, the company uses a technology that automatically masks users’ passwords so that no one can see them.

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pressjudge292d ago

At least they should have made us change our password for safety

Cobra951292d ago

See, this is business as usual, everywhere. We only get to see the tip of the iceberg bob up into view, once in a while. We obsess over this data breach, or that CPU meltdown, but the fact is that we are all exposed much of the time, and we don't even know it until later (sometimes much later). Sad and scary, but at least we should take some comfort in the fact there's very little we can do. No sense worrying about what you can't control.

blackblades291d ago

I'm tired of changing passwords.