Microsoft is working to release a Netflix-like game service

Microsoft is working on a new game service, a Netflix-like service that would extend past the Xbox audience. For a monthly fee, users will be able to play games that are available, along with streaming the game to any device, not just the Xbox and any other Microsoft devices.

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Profchaos32d ago

So they want to make their own PlayStation now after airbag months shitting on PS now over game pass.

I think they are right regarding game pass network speeds all around the world would struggle to play most games over the net so local download and play abilities makes allot more sense

Psnow launched in the US about 5 years ago and it's still not available in most countries

MakoD32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Why is it a joke? I tested OnLive in like 2010 and it worked. I tested PS Now in 2014 and it worked. There are other services as well. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think these game streaming models make sense for most consumers and they are probably not economically viable for a variety of reasons. However, do they work... generally yes.

My take is games are cheap, I have stacks of games and I don't even spend that much, which is the general problem with these streaming services... lack of demand and not economically viable.

I say PS Now does work... although I don't think its my cup of tea nor do I think it will be for most gamers.... generally its pretty cheap to own games anyway.


I am sure with their current position on game pass that it will most likely be something very similar to that. No reason to release a "streaming" service like Sony's now because that streaming garbage is just that. ....garbage.

A lot of features of a full fledged physical game need to be tailored to that of a stream. You will definitely not get uncompressed audio and features like HDR/high resolution textures that is for sure.

I attempted to play the Now service years ago and compared it (uncharted) the actual physical game and it was dreadfully sad to say the least. Brand new service couldn't even bring an enjoyable experience from a game that was seven plus years old at the time...

I still can't stand the streaming on Netflix sometimes when the quality just drops for no reason in the middle of your movie.

I just like to know that what I have is what I have and not to be disappointed when I go to watch something and it's no longer there for me to watch.

yomfweeee32d ago

Wow streaming isn't the same as the real thing? This surprised you?

MakoD32d ago

"I am sure with their current position on game pass that it will most likely be something very similar to that."

What they are talking about is a streaming service.... there isn't much confusion here at this point.

From POLYGON article from November:
"Microsoft will probably debut a streaming service that doesn’t require a console for some types of content in the next three years, Spencer said."

2pacalypsenow31d ago

You do know that Netflix is popular for "Streaming content". Ms is going to be "Streaming" games just like PS Now.

quenomamen32d ago

MS dream, how can we make it so players are permanent renters and never own the games.