Physicist Stephen Hawking dies at age 76

World renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76.

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Speed-Racer153d ago

This is a great loss for the community

bumsick153d ago

today, the world got a bit dumber. R.I.P

Parasyte153d ago

Though his body is gone, his brilliance is immortal.

RIP Professor Hawking

adonisisfree153d ago

Omg! My heart Goes out to his family.. Stephan Hawkins was one of my Idols growing up. Some people just deserve to live forever. Now he can live in infamy. We will all miss you Mr. Hawking

kevinsheeks153d ago

I agree so much I feel like some of our most talented leave way to early . .

Minute Man 721153d ago

My son and I were talking about him last night, woke up this morning to hear this news

nemrawy153d ago

Can you guys please talk about Donald Trump next time ..... ?

SpringHeeledJack153d ago

No please talk about Hilary Clinton next time.

dcbronco153d ago

Why not talk about both.

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