Apple set to release three new iPhones this year, one for every budget

Apple plans to offer a trio of updated iPhones based on the X's design in an attempt to corner a wider segment of the market. Basically, there will be an option for everyone's price range.

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Speed-Racer287d ago

Definitely looks interesting. However, my guess is the high end model is surely going to be over $1000

kevnb287d ago

ya probably, personally Im ok with the lcd displays as long as I still get the same soc.

subtenko287d ago

people still arent tired of this yet?

shammgod287d ago

sweet, the same phone i bought last year!

PrimeVinister282d ago

Won't 'cheap' iPhones undermine long-term sales?
Don't a significant portion of iPhone users simply have one because it is desirable as a status symbol?