Human speech will be replaced by thought communication by 2050, claims expert

Human speech will become a thing of the past by the year 2050, by which time we will communicate by thought via a computer-generated collective consciousness, it has been claimed

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dcbronco303d ago

Very possible. We will get AI-human convergence which will make things like Facebook a thing of the past if they don't adjust. You won't need to update a page, you'll just grant access to who you want when you want. You'll know who you're close with because they will share. We'll all be like Synthes on Humans asking why don't you share? For those that think they will never allow an AI interface in their bodies then prepare for extinction or a drop to the permanent underclass. It will be the very definition of adapt or die.

AlphaCeph303d ago

Scary. Imagine meeting someone via the web, and it turns out to be an AI robot.

Tiqila303d ago

I would say that is very cool rather than scary.

Cobra951302d ago

By now, we're supposed to be able to fly our cars at 150 mph to the spaceport to go visit friends in moon colonies, according to 1960s predictions. I am very sure this prediction will go to same oubliette.

dcbronco302d ago

I think we understand things a little better now than we did in the 60's.

dcbronco302d ago

It will happen because it has to happen. We are spread out across the globe and have chosen to divide ourselves into competing countries. One exploiting or attacking others at every opportunity. Do you believe China and Russia won't do this? Imagine a platoon of AI interfaced soldiers attacking a town in an IoT future 30 years from now. Augmented goggles and exoskeletons. They could wipe out forces many times their size because they are connected to instantaneous information on their environment, enemy movement and tactics. By the time you send a few messages they run a thousand possible outcomes based on everything going on. You'd lose almost every time except the occasional miracle.

Even in civilian life the person with an interface gets instant job training and education. You better be creative or happy with a basic universal income. I don't know if you live in the U.S. but don't let government propaganda fool you. We have been caught in many technological areas and exceeded in some. They'll talk about fake news and interference with elections but look closely. There's one nation constantly attacking others and calling others aggressive as they surround that same country with nuclear weapons and military bases. This is just another arms race on one hand, but on the other it's time for us to take over evolution from nature. Humanity can't wait on the old system anymore.