Would you eat lab grown meat? "Clean meat" coming to our dinner tables by 2021

Slaughtering animals may be a thing of the past as a Silicon Valley based company is aiming to produce lab grown meat on a commercial scale.

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Speed-Racer302d ago

Love me some steak! Hopefully this does not cause cancer *shrug*

ajax17302d ago

If they can make it taste indistinguishable from actual meat, then hell yes.

1Victor299d ago

If it taste the same and it’s cheaper I don’t see any reason not to try it once but it’ll be difficult as they say tofu chicken tater like chicken (new flash IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE CHICKEN )

SunnyZ302d ago

If it's the same price or cheaper and tastes the same then yeah, why not.

level 360302d ago

If on long term test results there is scientific proof published for the masses to see/read no negative side-effects/virus can found I may have a go.

SunnyZ301d ago

Yeah. I mean....

"some of us who are willing to try it may be able to sleep at night with a little more peace of mind knowing that an animal did not have to be killed for their flesh."

That's half the fun, knowing something had to be sacrificed to get in your belly!
Makes you feel like a GOD!

RufustheKing301d ago

When you track it down, kill it yourself and put it into your belly, then you feel like a god. When you sit on your ass 24\7 eating microwave dinners then you feel like a slob.

goldwyncq301d ago

So long as it doesn't replace real meat, then I'm all for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.