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Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) available for purchase in Europe, will go on sale in India tomorrow

Samsung’s mid-range handset, the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) is available for purchase, starting today, in Europe. The smartphone is definitely not the cheapest mid-range device, costing €499 in the Netherlands. This translates into $595, which is quite a high price for a mid-range smartphone.

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pressjudge222d ago

Finally such a great phone

KingPin222d ago

its no better than the huawei P10 and that has better cameras, a bigger battery and upgrade-able to android 8, not to mention its cheaper too.

sometimes i feel at this point samsung is the apple of android. overpriced based on the name.

Ibi221d ago (Edited 221d ago )

I agree with you. I think that Samsung products are becoming quite expensive for what they have to offer and there are a lot of better deals for Android fans. Especially when it comes to mid-range smartphones.