HDMI 2.1 spec released, ushering in new era of dynamic HDR video

The new spec also standardizes variable refresh rate tech for gamers.

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glenn1979232d ago

4K is ssoooo yesrday lol

Retroman232d ago

To be Frank and Totally Honest. "i Personally" don't see any Difference between HDTV and any 4K ,5K,8K,10K tv
Little clearier if that such a word ? Other than that all look the same to me.
Before you guys start disagreeing this My "Personal OPINION "

slavish0232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Please tell me what 5k, 8k, and 10k tv youve seen in person?

Emme232d ago

Seriously, You need glasses.

ChrisW232d ago

If you stand about 10 or more feet away, yeah... it's hard to discern various resolutions.

Tapani232d ago

Is good that this has been accepted. Bought a premium 4k tv myself and will hold on to this and pass it within my family to others once 8K or 12K gets standardized. Just not very optimistic about the availability of 8K-12K content in terms of movies, games or what not. Camera technology just isn't there yet or is too expensive. GPUs can barely run 4K 60fps, but you have to pay a huge premium for that. I think 4K should be the next 5+ years the focus, and then slowly move on to 12K directly skipping 8K.

cell989232d ago

Not to mention the amount of space we’ll need to store 1 12k movie

ChrisW232d ago

I wonder when they are going to drop the "Full HD" title for 1K?