Microsoft employee installs Chrome during demo because Edge keeps crashing

Microsoft has recently uploaded a video of a presentation on how potential clients can migrate their applications, data and workloads to Microsoft Azure. Unfortunately or hilariously (depending on who you ask), the presentation didn’t go quite as expected.

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quenomamen262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

lol, Windowz

CrimzonRazor262d ago

If your site thinks this is news worthy you may need to find new jobs.

CrimzonRazor262d ago

Rather then lolz like a child maybe you should think about something's first. It could have been a issue with the device and not the browser. Like a driver out of date, or a virus on the device this is just two of many problems that could cause a browser to not work as intented. But either way use of a browser is a lame news story.

SunnyZ262d ago

Internet Explorer deserves our respect and admiration.
Without it we would be unable to download and install a better browser.

rockwhynot262d ago

Why is Msft edge so unstable? It is a Windows issue or what?