Pixel 2 XL devices suffering from screen burn-in problem

Several Google Pixel 2 XL owners are now reporting issues of screen burn-in. Google has stepped in, saying that the matter is being investigated.

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Speed-Racer84d ago

This is not good news. I am glad I skipped this phone.

Zerg84d ago

Do you see why the iPhone is better now?

sealava84d ago

because they are using Samsung Amoled display for their ultimate iphone X :)

SaiyanFury84d ago

That's the same argument that Apple people have been trying to use for all of Apple's hardware, "It's better because Apple uses better hardware". In the case of the iMac, for example, it doesn't have better hardware, it uses the same off the shelf PC components that every computer uses. The iPhone is no different. It uses the same off the shelf components that all mobiles use. From different manufacturers perhaps, but its all the same stuff, more or less.

stinkytofus83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Apple use samsung because they are the only manufacturer who can meet apples volume, not that they want to use them but they have no choice, and thank samsung for the $1200 iphone x they charged almost 200 usd per screen, crazy