iPhone X vs. BlackBerry KEYone - do we really need all the features Apple brought along?

The iPhone X and the BlackBerry KEYone both launched this year and they are both the flagship device from their respective manufacturers. Even so, they couldn’t be more different. Of course, they don’t target the same niche, so they aren’t exactly direct competitors. The Apple flagship offers really high-end features and some amazing specs.

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pressjudge273d ago

Actually I don't think so. Blackberry still has a much better build in my opinion.

bluefox755270d ago

Even though I feel $550 is too much for a sub-1080p, 4.5 inch screen smartphone, and don't really have any interest in a physical keyboard, I'd still take the blackberry over iphone.

blackblades270d ago

IPhone don't have a headphone jack that's a 100% turn off.

kevnb270d ago

nobody needs the highest end iPhone, but some wanted it.