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VR and AR will be in every household by 2022

Living without technology is almost impossible for the majority of us nowadays. Of course, we all admit that people can live without the products we all use on a daily basis, however, it is a lot easier to live with them than without them.

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pressjudge276d ago

AR is everything we so in top sci-fi movies

Ibi276d ago

it could really change life as we know it

Cobra951276d ago

Or at least life as we see it.

sonicwrecks276d ago

Fixed the tags and category.

Psychotica276d ago

Drink enough beer and you can have it in your house now..

fr0sty276d ago

So much for VR being a fad...

OffRoadKing276d ago

It is a fad and a gimmick and this article is BS.

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