Qualcomm wants to ban iPhone sales and manufacturing in China

Qualcomm fires the latest salvo in its long-standing legal dispute with Apple.

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KingPin184d ago

"The companies are in a disagreement over how much Apple should pay for the radio chip it uses to power the iPhone's cellular connection. Apple thinks Qualcomm charges too much."

so Apple wants to tell qualcomm how much they should charge. how typical. if you using their tech, pay what they ask otherwise do your own R&D with the billions they make off the sheep they overcharging and find their own way to connect to 3G and 4G networks, and then steal qualcomms customers by giving it away to other cellphone makers for less.

Haurus184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

Read the next paragraph.

"with the fee based on the value of the phone, rather than individual components. Because Qualcomm owns patents related to 3G and 4G phones, any phone maker building a device that connects to 3G or 4G networks has to pay it a licensing fee, even if it doesn't use Qualcomm's chips."

"That includes Apple, which thinks it should pay a fee based only on the value of Qualcomm's connectivity chips, not the entire phone. It says Qualcomm is "effectively taxing Apple's innovation" and that Apple "shouldn't have to pay them for technology breakthroughs they have nothing to do with.""

As much as i dislike Apple, i have to side with them on this one. Qualcomm is being very arrogant and anti competitive.

"find their own way to connect to 3G and 4G networks" That is exactly the problem, they already have found their own way to connect to it. They are not using Qualcomms chips. Qualcomm actually owns the standards, forcing anyone who connects to the networks to pay them, even if they are using another companies (or their own) chips. And instead of charging a flat fee per device, they are charging based on the overall cost of the device, even though that increased cost is due to tech that Qualcomm does not own. They are literally taxing technologies they have no rights to, just because a tech they do own happens to be installed on the same device.

KingPin184d ago

so did apple not read the fine print that thats how qualcomm structures its deals?
surely if they were unhappy with it, they would look for alternatives. if qualcomm is indeed the only company that does it, is that not called a monopoly and isnt there laws for that china as well not just the US and EU.

Why arent other phone manufacturers complaining about this too? surely if they all stood together qualcomm and the law would have to take note and do something about this?

and if qualcomm is allowed to have such deals regarding their tech, apple needs to accept the taste of their own medicine. now they know what being shafted feels like.