Scientists have discovered this drug fixes cavities and regrows teeth

A new discovery about a drug developed for Alzheimer's patients might replace fillings for cavity repair. Tideglusib stimulates stem cells in the pulp of teeth, promoting new dentine production and natural tooth repair.

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SunnyZ398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Meth/crack heads rejoice!

They can now finally smoke all the meth or crack they wish AND have a perfect set of choppers.
What an age we live in =D

cabbitwithscissors398d ago

Now, they need to start cracking on providing growing of new eyeballs, ear organs and other such human replacements.

blackblades398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Old news, doesn't work on teeth that already have a filling. Same for bunch of news on teeth. Get back to me when scientist create something to regrow enamel and grow another tooth.

S2Killinit398d ago

No, this is all you get. In fact, you are no longer eligible to receive this drug either. Youre banned.

badboyz09398d ago

one Problem $$$$$$$$$$$$

subtenko397d ago

bs, not true until they start offering these said discoveries to the public on record, until these so called discovered are being offered to the public then this isnt news at the end of the day because it aint happening

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