Tim Cook prefers augmented reality to VR

Apple's chief executive suggested virtual reality could isolate users and was less "profound".

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Haurus194d ago

Agreed. Atleast in the near future (pre-holodeck) AR definately has more potential than VR. In 10 years AR will be as common as cellphones while VR will still be a niche market. In 200 years (if we are still around) VR will probably take over.

Anzil193d ago

Lol sure there man. Modern Day Nostradamus right here.

Haurus188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Not at all. Just common sense, along with an understanding of the technologies, and their practical applications.

AR has more practical usage in our current society. You wouldn't be able to use VR while walking down the road, as you would walk into a wall. AR has the ability to actually augment the environment around a user, without inhibiting their normal vision. It can act a a heads-up display GPS, a guide to a shop, even showing you where a specific product is in a store, it can act as a video phone system, letting you Skype someone while walking down the street, while still looking forward (it could actually completely replace smartphones), it could show you ratings for restaurants, actually visually displayed on the outside of the restaurant while driving by, it could even be used to diagnose problems with a broken down vehicle and provide a visual overlay showing you step by step how to fix it. The possibilities are endless and the tech for all of it already exists.

VR is essentially just a wide FOV TV strapped to your head. Good for gamers and porn addicts, but not much else. Once the tech for something like a Holodeck is possible, obviously VR will have a much greater impact, but that isn't going to happen any time soon.

subtenko193d ago

thats because he's not doing vr, of course he will say that

KingPin192d ago

its obvious he prefers AR to VR because to implement AR is cheaper and can be done on apple devices and he can use that as a sales tactic to milk more users. its what apple does best.

not to mention at the end of the day, VR is still the better experience and is what most people will be looking to get when VR becomes affordable for the masses.

Haurus188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

You cannot really say one is a "better" experience than the other. The acronyms may make them sound similar, but they are 2 completely different types of tech. VR is essentially a head mounted TV. It is designed primarily for entertainment. AR is see through, and actually changes what you see in the environment. It is a virtual holographic overlay of everything around you. It uses cameras to see and analyze a users surrounding, and add pre-defined changes to it. There are a multitude of actual useful functions that can be provided for it.

Think minority report, but with a Google glass type headset instead of the see-through panel, and no gloves. It would use cameras and laser depth sensors to see both the environment around you (connecting to the internet to lookup and display information on objects in real time) and your hand movements in front of you. It actually goes far beyond what is shown in that video. What is seen in minority report is actually primitive compared to what we could see from AR in 5 years.