Microsoft is Probably Dying as a Mobile Consumer Company

If you're a fan of Microsoft, it's probably time to jump ship. The company doesn't seem to have a broad interest in its own mobile platform and moves lately suggest the consumer market is becoming less relevant as time goes by.

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dcbronco425d ago

Windows mobile dying is a sad statement on corporations as a whole. When a company has the resources that Microsoft does and an R&D budget like the one they have it is a failure of imagination. There are several billion smartphones out there and you only need to take a small portion of the market to be successful. It's inexcusable for Windows mobile to have failed. It's also inexcusable if the give up on mobile.

SunnyZ424d ago

My first smartphone was a nokia with windows os
What a mistake that was... No one wanted to develop programs for it and it showed.
Was near impossible to side load apps onto it either.

We already have a locked down system, Apple. There is no need for a second.
If you want a safe, clean and locked down mobile OS, go with apple.
If you want a more free and customisable open-source mobile OS, go with android.