California Might Ban the Sale of Non-Electric Cars

The governor of California and chairman of the California Air Resources Board are considering banning the sale of non-electric cars to cut down emissions.

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brianparker363d ago

Electric cars are the future for sure.

liamlogan363d ago

Yes, It is Good, We are in the 21st Century and every country should ban the non-electric cars.

Jon61586363d ago

State full of idiots. What about those that can't afford electric cars? Are they going to beef up public transportation? Ok who's going to pay for it? Oh yeah the taxpayers who are already taxed at a premium. It is like there is no thought to the lower and middle class in that state just a bunch of rich idiots only thinking about themselves when they contemplate measures like this.

princejb134363d ago

2040 and 2050 is plenty of time. By than electric cars would be way more affordable. That's 23 years dude. I earn about 25,000 a year and even I want an electric car. We need to save the earth because this is the only planet we have