iPhone 8 Plus takes the top spot for best camera

Apple can once again boast about having the best mobile camera as the iPhone 8 Plus topped DxOMark's mobile benchmark charts.

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Speed-Racer121d ago

Sounding a bit biased here, but woo hoo! Lol.

Zerg121d ago

glad to see the admin round here finally making some smart choices

Speed-Racer121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Uhhhhhhhhh settle down there, Sparky.

arkard121d ago

No recent Android phones. No galaxy s8 or note 8. Dxo comes back just to award Apple with best camera. Seems paid for.

b163o1121d ago

I'm still getting a V30..

steven83r121d ago

Ya ok. Prove it. Note 8 and V30 have best camera.

mcstorm120d ago

Still don't think there has been any better cameras than the lumia 1020 or lumia 950xl best cameras I've had on a phone. That said my Sony xperia xz premium camera is proving to be a good one to.

BuildTheWall120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I'll stay with my Lumia 950XL. No need for a bunch of apps & all the mobile games that I ever played are available for Windows Phone. Cut The Rope , Cut The Rope EXP , Angry Birds , Solitaire , Rayman , Jetpack Joyride & Gravity Guy.

neoragex117d ago

You do have to give it to apple when it comes to camera quality, top work again.