DDR5 is already being made; expect it in 2019

PC Aficionado: "It seems just yesterday that Intel dropped their X99 platform with support for DDR4 memory. Now, Rambus, a company who develops memory technologies, announced that they have a functional DDR5 DIMM."

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badz149295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

bought my PC right before DDR4 launch and I regretted it a bit for not waiting a little bit longer. but now we are already talking DDR5? WTF? is DDR4 not that much of a leap from 3 that they feel that 5 should come this soon?

KTF26295d ago

you don't really need to worry about this

2019 for DDR5 is normal if you look to DDR release history

DDR (2000) -> DDR2 (2003) -> DDR3 (2007 !!! longest life cycle) -> DDR4 (2014) -> DDR5(2017 NO!! - 2021)

dcbronco294d ago

You have to take into account that they now face competition from hbm and Intel. They have to push as fast as they can to remain in the industry.

DarkZane295d ago

Even if you want to play games at 4K/60fps maxed, you don't need more than DDR3 ram anyway.

bluefox755295d ago

Hopefully it's a bigger jump in performance than it was from DD3 to DD4, which was a bit lackluster IMO.

subtenko294d ago

dang thought this was about a new DDR game