Apple increases iPhone screen repair prices

The price hike, which was quietly introduced by Apple, was first spotted by users on Reddit.

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KingPin152d ago

well if people are willing to pay $1000 for the phone, they can afford a few extra more dollars on repairing a screen.

eferreira151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

The note is over $1000. You fanboys have nothing else better to do but hate on a phone.

#DoSomethingBetterWithYourLif e

ajax17151d ago

This shouldn't be totally unexpected, though. It IS an OLED display. They're still expensive as hell.

Speed-Racer151d ago

The 8 Plus and 8 also suffer from such a fate and I think both still use IPS screens.

1nsomniac151d ago

Used iPhones since the 3GS. I promised to stop using them after the 6 but the 7 was selling so poorly I ended up getting a great deal on it.

I won't be getting the 8 or any future phones from Apple though. It's a disgusting company that I genuinely feel a bit shameful that I own one. I think it's a feeling that is eventually starting to catch on with the rise in social media people can see what type of company they really are.

Here in the U.K. The new range of iPhones (8 & X) have had the worst sales release in their history.

rocketpanda150d ago

If you are so disgusted with the company why'd you upgrade to an iPhone 7. If people really hate or are disgusted with the company they would outright stop buying their products regardless if they were offered a good deal.

neoragex146d ago

Pretty much expected that from Apple.