Apple fans still waiting for the iPhone X, not many queue up for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple unveiled its three new smartphones earlier this month and as of today, two of them are available for purchase in several markets. Even though in previous years we could see Apple fans queue for long hours, some of them even for days in order to get their hands on the latest flagships, today was […]

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kevnb362d ago

pretty sure the 8 and 8 plus will be the main sellers.

ajax17362d ago

The lackluster sales makes sense; it's barely an upgrade from the 7.

Though, perhaps they're just trying to sell those more to people who are new to Apple/iPhones.

pressjudge362d ago

And waiting and waiting.....waiting

InTheZoneAC362d ago

Why do I need a new phone every year? And why do I need a $1000 phone again?

KingPin361d ago

because all apple devices are about status over function.
being seen with a perfectly working iphone 7 is so last season darling :P