I hate my iPhone but I'll still never ditch Apple

I have a lot of complaints with my iPhone, but I'm too afraid to leave the Apple device ecosystem.

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bluefox75586d ago

That's been Apple's plan all along, to acclimate their user base so deeply into their "ecosystem", that leaving would be too much of a hassle, or to costly. Google is doing the same thing. I'm not a fan of Google, but I wouldn't know where to begin if I decided to ditch all of their products and services.

KingPin86d ago

zerg are you moonlighting as a yahoo freelancer? :P

franwex85d ago

It's not THAT daunting, try beating cancer!
If you hate it that much just switch...

thorstein84d ago

Fortunately for you, all you need is a Windows OS and Media Player. Just rip your media from iTunes, then uninstall that turd of bloated software then buy a real phone and transfer your media over.