Nigel - the robot that could tell you how to vote

Could artificial intelligence save democracy or should human politicians put limits on it?

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ajax17333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

"Shita's company, Kimera Systems, claims to have cracked the secret of "artificial general intelligence" - independent thinking - something that has eluded AI researchers for the past 60 years."

Yeah, *sure* you did. If they indeed "cracked the secret of artificial general intelligence" then Google or the govt. must have cracked it years ago, and just haven't told us.

kalkano333d ago


Let me guess, it will tell you to vote as Liberal as possible, 100% of the time. *eyeroll*

madjedi332d ago

The masses have fought against this very idea all throughout history, albeit it was kings and feudal lords making the vote for them rather than a machine. Generally when I am told how to do something that is a individual choice like what movies to watch, what to eat, whom to vote for my first instinct, is to tell that person to fuck off.

The last 3-5 years should have been a wake up call, people are tired of being told what to think, who to support and how their lives should be lived. By the elites and experts have been advising us, what is best for society for quite some time, both brexit, trump and the pushback against the ever power hungry eu.

Replacing politicians with ai run by the big tech companies is not going to go over any better, than overpayed politicians that are not subject to the same hazards the general public is.

Kabaneri332d ago

This a very dangerous idea. A machine will look at things from a black and white utilitarian perspective.