The iPhone X is the one phone where you’ll really want to wait for the reviews

The Verge: "$999 and a ton of new questions raised.

With all the leaks ahead of Apple’s big event this week, we thought we knew all about the iPhone X. It’s just a $999 combo of iOS, a bezel-less OLED screen, wireless charging, and a polished glass back, right? We’re familiar with all of those things, even the eyebrow-raising price, from the world of Android, so the radically redesigned new iPhone flagship shouldn’t feel all that radical. But for myself (and, I imagine, most current iPhone users), Apple’s presentation threw up more questions than answers, and it positioned the iPhone X as the most enigmatic phone we’ve seen in years."

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1Victor375d ago

Wow really grasping straws get a damn otter box case if you're so worried about the iPhone X glass and a good face protector only a idiot get a premium android/iOS device and don't buy a protective case, sure there's other phones that can do 90% the X can do but it's the extra 10 % and the piece of mind that your phone will work the same a year or 2 from now as it's first day without been slowed down by the latest software update

Psychotica375d ago

Yeah I rather let other people be the guinea pig for a few months before I consider buying one.

Speed-Racer375d ago

Don't count on a negative review from the Verge. Patel got multiple orgasms just from the hands-on at the launch.