iPhone X vs. Galaxy S8 vs. LG V30: How does Apple stand up?

Now that the iPhone X, 8, and 8 Plus are out in the open, how will the top of the line Apple phone stand up to its recent competition?

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Zerg163d ago

There is only one obvious choice here. Duh

Haurus163d ago

V30 and it isn't even close.

bouzebbal162d ago

how could the article forget the most powerful phone to date, Xperia XZ premium???
it blows all 3 off the water

Haurus162d ago (Edited 162d ago )


The XZ is a good phone but it is outdated at this point. If you knew anything of phone specs you would know it doesn't hold a candle to the S8 or V30 in any aspect except screen resolution and maximum brightness.

Sony should be announcing a new Xperia before the end of the year, which will compete with the S8 and V30.

IMO the Xperia line does still win on looks. Love the metal slab styling.

Crazywhitie163d ago

Why would they match the iPhone X to a S8... it's more comparable to a Note 8

Zerg163d ago

Pshhhhh. Please. The X crushes the Note 8.

bluefox755163d ago

The X is trash, and doesn't crush anything, lol. Iphones are getting worse every year. Only diehards still defend them.

Unspoken163d ago

iPhone X??? Really? They are using Microsoft marketing.

NXFather163d ago

Yep. Now they even took away part of your viewing screen. What will apple think of next?

bluefox755163d ago

Apple is pretty much garbage at this point. Really expensive garbage.

ZeroX9876163d ago

don't care about iPhone's new hardware since I hate their software and it's UI. too bad the X isn't an android device instead, would've bought it day one.

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