iPhone X announced with edge-to-edge screen, Face ID, and no home button

The long-awaited and extensively leaked special edition iPhone is finally upon us, and it’s called the iPhone X.

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ajax17160d ago

Really? You can *only* unlock the phone with your face? People can exploit that too easily.

mcstorm160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I'm not sure how it works on ios but I know it was very hard to do with the eye scanning on my lumia 950xl I use contacts and when I tried to unlock my phone without them in or in glasses it did not work ide expect this to be the same but fingerprint for me is the best way to unlock a phone and I don't know why it dose not have it.

fr0sty160d ago

So it's an overpriced Samsung?

Babadook7160d ago

Samsung is just as overpriced. $960 on Verizon.

KingPin160d ago

@frosty if this was 2012 id agree with you, sadly samsung charges the same amount for an s8 in some places which is ridiculous.
but hey, if apple can get away with it why shouldnt samsung try their luck too and id say they too are getting away with it at this point.
lesser known brands offer more than apple and samsung put together.

ZeroX9876160d ago (Edited 160d ago )


Not really, you're getting a great upgrade for the price. I'm not a big fan of apple, but I can get why some loves their products. Super user friendly and simplistic design for the UI.

Lots of people at my office are buying it and most of them has absolutely no clue as to what is new on it. They're just buying it because it's the new iPhone. They don't care about the specs, most of them has no clue what the specs means anyway.

I'll stick with android's various choice of hardware manufacturers for now.

subtenko159d ago

You can unlock a phone btw: password, pattern, face( even on non iphone8 and iphone x phones since years ago), even PIN......

Speed-Racer160d ago

*yawnfest* but millions will buy it regardless.

eferreira160d ago

If only they had someone like you to tell them what to like and how to spen their money they'd be better off right?

mcstorm160d ago

The issue is more than apple and fan boys though. Samsung and Apple have the cool kids so to speak using their devices and they won't look else where. For me devices like the Sony xperia xz premium, HTC u11, LG g6 & V30 as well as others offer more than both Samsung and Apple but they have the none tech group buying their phones and because of this are the ones that sell the most yoy and I don't see it changing any time soon.

bluefox755160d ago

They'd have more money, that's for sure. Apple has the highest profit margins in the industry.

Babadook7160d ago

They have more money cause they invented the modern smartphone. Samung got rich too tho shamelessly ripping iphone off when others were less shameless. Apple got what it deserved in the end.

subtenko159d ago

I'll tell you what to do. buy buy buy, buy more so I can make more off people like you. I need you to spend more money every year, every month every day. Matter of fact, give me $10 right now @eferreira ...

frdjck159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

It's ok if Tim Cook say it, but if Speed-Racer say it, it's now not ok?

What make it different? Speed-Racer is not the president of Apple at least. It make is opinion a little bit more honest, no?

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1Victor160d ago

I'm getting the iPhone X because it's a a grand phone and 1k ool device with a thousand more reasons I can't think of now 😜

NovusTerminus160d ago

I would rather just have the bezel at the top be flat across then that strange screen cut out the have.

windblowsagain160d ago

Apple never invented the modern smart phone. It was just an evolution of things that came before. IPhones are behind in terms of tech more often then not.

Lower screen rez compared to most phones. Ips panel instead of oled.

S8 already here.

2pacalypsenow160d ago

They made smartphones and tablets popular. They revolutionized both

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