Bugs are Always Getting into PS4's. Is There any Hope? - Digital Fox

The PS4’s has a bug problem. It’s most common fault when taken in for repair (according to my local tech repair crew) is that it’s loaded with bugs. After reading an article by Kotaku on a cockroach problem with PS4’s in the States, I thought I would do some research in my own city – Melbourne. Has …

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meatnormous391d ago

Maybe clean your house so you don't get roaches? Don't eat in bedrooms and living rooms

SarcasticDuck391d ago

if you're like me where the house nearby is abandoned, you will get roaches no matter what!

Cmv38391d ago

Yep. And it super sucks

391d ago
KingPin390d ago

i blame sony for making such awesome games on their consoles that keeps me too busy playing games that i have no time to clean my house. sony needs to fix this bug issue asap.

OffRoadKing391d ago

"Always", gotta love hyperbolic articles.

Dirtnapstor391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Let's face it, some people are complete slobs. A bug-ridden console is probably a good indicator of their environment and maybe worse, their overall lifestyle.

391d ago