Google announces Android Oreo (8.0)

Google has announced its next major mobile operating system, Android Oreo, which is focused on security, speed, and better user experience.

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Speed-Racer29d ago

They could have come up with a better name though.

KingPin29d ago

i could care less about the name.
im all about the features that matter.

heres hoping battery life and system resources are improved.

XisThatKid28d ago

Like? What would you have called it?

Haurus29d ago

Fair use. It is a service rather than a physical product, so there is no confusion of branding. It is also open source and not directly profitable. They did not have any issues with Kitkat.

jerethdagryphon28d ago

They made a a deal. With nestle for kitkat guessing its the same

bradleejones28d ago

Correct. Like if I named a song 'Word', it has nothing to do with MS or software, so it is fair use.