Ireland says EU demand that Apple pay it 13 billion euros in back taxes unjustified

Ireland's finance minister said the European Commission's demand that Dublin collect up to 13 billion euros ($13.8 bln) in back taxes from Apple was unjustified, in an interview with Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) newspaper.

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ajax17311d ago

This is part of why the European Union is such a failure. They don't allow countries to have economic sovereignty. If Ireland is smart they'll exit the EU just as Great Britain did.

Muadiib308d ago

Yeah they have much better friends in the UK anyway, we have our history sure, but really we're not so different and generally get along very well if you put us in a room together.

KingPin307d ago

well considering NA screws over every other European and Asian company with regards to tax in their country, i dont see why the EU shouldnt return the favor.
with that said however, if ireland has a deal with apple and both parties are happy, i dont see why the EU needs to stick their nose in that business.