HBO to Pay a $250,000 ‘Bug Bounty’ to Hackers

Several news outlets are reporting a leaked email from HBO that discusses ransom terms for information that was hacked from their servers. The initial breach on July 31st saw hackers take 1.5TB of information supposedly including scripts, episode descriptions, and marketing material, specifically targeting Game of Thrones. Certain individuals also had their emails stolen.

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Cobra951310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

"This may result in a dangerous precedent being set, encouraging more people to hack big companies like HBO with the possibility for millions of (or hundreds of thousands at least) dollars to be coerced."

I don't need to add to that, really. I'm horrified by the prospect. I wonder if future victims could sue HBO for facilitating such a nightmare scenario.

Edit: "However, it’s worth noting at this point that the authenticity of the email is sketchy, as there is no way of knowing if it has been altered or even fabricated."

*Sigh* That's what I get for jumping the gun. Look, people, if it's a *rumor*, say so in the headline. Otherwise, it's misleading.