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Fired Google engineer James Damore says company is 'like a cult'

The Google engineer fired for writing a controversial memo about diversity has gone beyond referring to the company as an "echo chamber" that won't stand for dissent and now says it's "almost like a cult."

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2pacalypsenow101d ago

Liberals preach acceptance, but only for their cause, every other idea is evil and must be eradicated.

Cobra95198d ago

Yes. As a child of the 60s, I find the irony exquisitely painful. Liberals and the rational left in general stood for equality, tolerance, and free speech half a century ago. Now they are the most intolerant part of the political spectrum, the most repressive and discriminatory. Tolerance is now more commonly found with right-leaning free thinkers. That should blow any baby boomer's mind.

kevinsheeks93d ago

I think both sides are retarded as fuck . . .

Kabaneri98d ago

Apparently an autistic employee was fired and "blacklisted" just because he questioned the insane notion of gender as a spectrum.

BenjaMan6498d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Don't forget that James Damore wasn't exactly honest regarding his education in his LinkedIn profile:
http:/ / -damore-removes-phd-studies-li n kedin-2017-8
https:/ / s/894939560391565317

And the research he used to support his views has been called into question:
http:/ / e-james-damore-fired-tech-gend e r-gap-science-2017-8

(Remove the " " spaces for the links to work.)

windblowsagain98d ago

All those type of Companies are.

Apple is the worst offender and idiots follow them like sheep.

bluefox75598d ago

Everything he said in his memo can be corroborated by available scientific data. There ARE brain differences between men and women on average, and these differences most likely play a large role in the representation disparity between women and men in tech fields. If we want to talk about how to address this, or if it even needs to be addressed, we have to first be honest about the premise.

Averyashimself98d ago

The left being honest? Dont hold your breath.

BenjaMan6498d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Science is not perfect. Scientific theories and facts that were thought true have been debunked throughout history. Regarding this issue, these may be of interest to many (Erase the " " spaces for the links to work. If that fails, Google is your friend).

htt ps://w w 2/google-engineer-memo-researc h -science-women-biology-tech-ja m es-damore
htt ps://w w us-science-of-james-damores-go o gle-memo/
htt p:// ny -scientific-arguments-james-da m ore-has-yet-to-respond-to.html
ht tp:/ / e-james-damore-fired-tech-gend e r-gap-science-2017-8

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