FaceApp forced to pull 'racist' filters that allow 'digital blackface'

Popular AI-powered selfie program FaceApp was forced to pull new filters that allowed users to modify their pictures to look like different races, just hours after it launched it.

The app, which initially became famous for its features that let users edit images to look older or younger, or add a smile, launched the new filters around midday on Wednesday. They allowed a user to edit their image to fit one of four categories: Caucasian, Asian, Indian or Black.

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ajax17166d ago

It's just a stupid app! Why are people so damn sensitive?

Muadiib162d ago

Agreed, this app could be unifying, it shows yet again that those that spout "tolerance" and "diversity" are usually the most prejudiced and intolerant of all.

MagicBeanz162d ago

That's because those who claim they want equality actually just want control.

subtenko162d ago

Dont be fooled, its people in the shadows with an agenda, and the stupid/ignorant people are buying into the bs facade

Tired of this bs, wish everyone would be more informed (fat chance)

PurpHerbison162d ago

People really like to participate in recreational outrage. Terrible hobby.

MagicBeanz162d ago

I was offended when Marlon and Shawn Wayans wore whiteface for the movie White Chicks but I had to just deal with it because apparently theres no such thing as a white card to play for white people. Welcome to the world of double standards and fake outrage people.

subtenko162d ago

..................... :/

2pacalypsenow162d ago

2004 was such a simpler time

kalkano162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

...Were you really offended, or are you just being sarcastic...?

It never even occurred to me to be offended by that. Even thinking about it now seems absurd. And that's exactly how I feel when people are offended by black face.

162d ago
2pacalypsenow162d ago

So out of all the faces you can do, it's racist because you can do a black person? Oh that's hilarious.

subtenko162d ago

This itself is racist by their logic. Lets complain

subtenko162d ago

Wow thats racist, they are removing black peoples face filters.......

InTheZoneAC162d ago

A bunch of racists complaining about a non issue, what else is new?

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