Goodbye, iPhone: My new $180 Android is good enough

Could a $180 Nokia 6 possibly deliver the same experience? CNET's Rick Broida found out.

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Sahil172d ago

It has never been about the hardware for me. But I definitely prefer the apple operating system over android. I recently tried the google nexus phone and after two weeks-was quite relieved to go back to my iphone.

mikeslemonade171d ago

But the price isn't that much of a difference month to month. It's your phone and unlimited data plan that is the main expense. The phone is literally only $35 a month for my 7plus. For a little more you get one of the best phones.

Sahil171d ago

Thats true.. so many dislikes lol

kevnb172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

the iphone se works fine as a cheap phone. Also the author clearly doesnt know very much, the iphone screen isn't good because of its resolution but because of its color accuracy and performance. I think this article is kind of embarrassing.

franwex172d ago

The iphone's price is high and the performance is similar to other phones. It's hard to justify the price. Also the Samsung Galaxy's as stated by the article.
I had a 1st gen oneplus and it was a really nice device. I'll probably get another one in the future.