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Help Keep Snopes Afloat with a GoFundMe Donation

Fake News. Everybody knows about it, and it’s for real. Some use the term to falsely accuse legitimate sites, news channels, and sources of lying simply because they use facts to disprove a patently false claim; while almost paradoxically, certain sites, news channels, and sources actually are real examples of fake news. With all of the information available at our fingertips, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t. Who has the time to scour the Internet for information on whether or not a school gymnasium once hosted a hi-tech “7D” hologram or if several European and American cities are ruled by Islamic Shariah law? Well, fact-checking sites do, because the people who work at those sites are paid to do just that. We need fact-checking sites now more than ever.

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ajax17299d ago

Screw Snopes and their liberal bias. I'm not saying I'd rather have a conservative bias, but a website like that should be completely neutral.

annoyedgamer295d ago

Why would we donate to a site that claims to be a fact checker but instead promotes a political slant?

thorstein292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Dumbasses ^^^

Yeah, this is SUPER LIBERAL:

Because EVERYTHING is about POLITICS!!!! and false dichotomies! And dunning kruger.