Don’t Condemn Snapchat. The Buck Stops With Parents

Don’t condemn Snapchat as a ‘child tracking’ privacy threat for introducing Snap Map – blame the parents for not being educated on what their children are using.

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BWTrail381d ago

Like everything regarding children, parents are responsible. If a parent doesn't understand something, then don't let the child use it. Pretty simple.

KingPin378d ago

the logic is sound on that one......
but do you think all parents think logically.....

annoyedgamer380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

I would have to agree, the lack of parenting these days is horrifying. Although the culture doesn't help, it encourages parents to offload their kids and let the "public" indoctrinate..ahem..I mean raise them.

KingPin378d ago

some parents these days are too lazy to raise their own kids.
they find it easier to complain about stuff than actually do parenting.