400 Burger Per Hour Robot Will Put Teenagers Out Of Work

Just a quick heads up, high school students. You might want to save your job application efforts for retail gigs, because the fast food space is about to be invaded by robots. We …

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annoyedgamer122d ago

$15/hour living wage they said...we tried to warn them.

Nodoze122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Architects of their own demise. These jobs were NEVER meant to be careers. They are stepping stones to future opps (i.e. summer jobs, short term gigs).

That said, perfect time to bone up on robot repair and maintenance. It will ABSOLUTELY be a needed skill in the immediate future.

Also TBH, I would RATHER have robots putting my food together. Never can tell what is going on with folks who make this type of job a career choice if you know what I mean. Health inspector is yet another option for a career path.....

vallencer122d ago

You're an idiot. Without these people making it a career you wouldn't have someone to run the businesses where you go eat. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making it a career. Nothing wrong. You would think you'd want the people handling your food to be happier. Imagine if a garbage man never made trash his career. Who would pick up your trash? Or who would take care of it when you took it to the dump? All these jobs are needed no matter what you think of someone who makes it a career. They also deserve to make a livable wage. Not saying it's 15 an hour but it's a hell of a lot more than whatever the min is.

dcbronco122d ago

Annoyed and Nodoze, you two are oblivious to reality. You're either not paying attention or you're one of those gullible Romney followers saying see you soon to rich people. Can you become rich? Of course. Chances are you won't.

Is robot repair a good field to enter? Absolutely. But just like flipping burgers wasn't meant to be a career, don't count on repairing anything to be one soon. Know why? Cause robots can fix robots. AIs being developed now will be replacing every job. You probably read an article written by one today. They advise doctors and soon will replace lawyers. They will provide security, cook your food, deliver your goods. Hell your kitchen might order your groceries based on a menu approved by you based on your families likes from previous meals.

But you conservatives(at least in Annoyed's case) always have that arrogance where you been tricked into believing you're exempt. But you'll soon learn you're just like the person who ignored nazi atrocities because you weren't a part of a persecuted group.

And make no mistake, this is a sort of persecution. The vast majority just don't realize they are barely removed from those at the bottom because they are incapable of seeing past the labels applied to keep them from recognizing the commonalities.

ion666121d ago

There was a twilight zone episode like the one you described.

vallencer122d ago

This literally has nothing to do with people wanting a wage that they can live on. Everything, EVERYTHING, will eventually be automated. I mean look what happened to car washes. Most, if not all, are automated now/do it yourself. Very rarely do you see a company who pays people to wash them. This is all because corporations are greedy and will do whatever they can to save money. Screw the people that work for them. It's all about money in the end.

MegadethAndy121d ago

Well, there is going to be a point where people will need jobs, as no matter how many robots they have to make new things, the company wont be able to sustain itself if no one has money to buy their products.

vallencer121d ago


Oh you're absolutely right. So either one or 2 things have to happen. We need to switch to a universal pay where everyone gets paid regardless of what they do. Which let's be real no one will be happy with that. Or we need to make laws that protect people from having their jobs taken away by robots and what not. That won't happen either so it's going to be a rough rough future for a lot of people if things keep going the way they're going.

iofhua122d ago

This will be cheaper than paying shifts of employees at fast food places, but I'm not convinced it will be more hygenic. Yes a human worker can make mistakes, and yes a human having a bad day might sabotage the food, but human managers also mitigate this quite a bit. So I have to ask: who is managing the machine? How often is it cleaned? Because the machine won't know if there is mold growing in the ketchup bin because it hasn't been cleaned in months. It won't know that a colony of ants have moved in to the cheese bin. It will make your burger to precise standards exactly the same way it's made every other burger it's ever made, irregardless of the mold and bugs in it. Unless someone is monitoring it and cleaning it all the time.

ImGumbyDammit122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

They will hire one employee that has special training to manage a series of these devices. Maybe runs between different establishments. These establishments pay the robot that replaces 5+ employees nothing and the in house robot tech (and shake machine repair specialist) $25+/hour. Instead of a burger flipper being a great first starter job for teens these robots will sadly do away with the need for most places. This will become especially more true when the economies of scale make robotic devices cheaper and cheaper. But, at the same time the robots also create a new wave opportunity for that great first job for all of those fresh out of the robotics repair and maintenance trade school.

OhReginald122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I wonder how consistent the quality will be...i Just keep thinking of a rat getting caught and chopped up in the robot burger making process or a fly landing and getting caught on the cheese.

sonicwrecks122d ago

The push towards automation continues.

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