iOS slowly taking back Android's market share (May 2017)

Apple is slowly taking back the mobile market as iOS climbed the ranks by as much as 8% over the last 6 months.

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Speed-Racer414d ago

Google really needs to push for standardization across the board

Zerg414d ago

You sound surprised that your crappy OS is doing pporly !

mcstorm414d ago

This year will be interesting and Android has 3 great phones already announced for it in the s8, LG G6 and the HTC U but the phone market has become stale and with that not to many options people are also not really moving around or upgrading like they did in the past.

Slappy McGee414d ago

People aren't upgrading as much since carriers stopped subsidizing the phones. Now people realize their phones cost $800+ and can see that reflected in monthly device payments on the bill. They're less likely to upgrade as often.

slate91414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Happened with me. I usually did every 2 years on iPhone with AT&T. Would only be charged $200 for the latest iphone with a new contract, and then I would just sell my old one. Now they want to do this AT&T Next or whatever and add it on to my bill. Well I still have my iPhone 6 from 2014. I'm just riding it out until it gives out on me.

mcstorm414d ago

Yeah that's true. I have an lgg5 and see no reason to upgrade this year the 3 devices I said above look great but it's not a massive jump from my g5 so I'm waiting another 12 or more months

kevnb414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

even though the entire industry and most media are trying to take them down.

1nsomniac414d ago

While I'm only interested in using Android OS for TV's. The recently leaked secret court case that Apple have been involved in behind the scenes in America. Involving them trying to make it illegal to repair your own phone, is disgusting & shows what kind of people & a business they are.

So they need as much smashing of their back doors as possible!