iPhone owners remain most loyal over competing brands

Apple iPhone users are at a near all time high once again in terms of brand loyalty.

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Speed-Racer370d ago

This was always expected. Not an Apple fan either but they do a lot of work to keep things integrated.

Zerg370d ago

Everyone knows this but they fail to accept that Apple is king!!

KingPin370d ago

its more because they invested so much buying stuff from the app stores that changing now would render all the money spent over the years as wasted. so they just stick it out.

eferreira370d ago

Here's a crazy thought. They may like their products.

mcstorm370d ago

Your right but its also people don't like change. My other half has always used iphones and she dropped it and broke it. I gave her my Windows Mobile to use until she got a new phone as said she loved the luck of the os but because it was different to IOS she wanted an iPhone. She then picked up a LG G5 as I got one and liked the look of it and it came in rose gold. After 6 months she went back to the iPhone because it was more simple to use even though the g5 did more and had a better camera.

We see it a lot in the tech world when someone makes big changes to a device people struggle to use it. Just the way people are.

Inzo370d ago

King of what? itself?

Inzo370d ago

Thats only because they dont know any better.

oof46369d ago

Makes sense. Someone who likes Android products can switch between the many phones that support it, but Apple fans stick with their one choice.

JaggedCarpet369d ago

And it's because of them that Apple can pull all of their bullcrap and get away with it.