World-Renowned Physicist Explains How Our Universe Will End

It started with a Big Bang, but will it end as suddenly?

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2pacalypsenow372d ago

Proof? Or does that just apply to religion?

instantstupor372d ago

He has a "theory". It is stated as such right in the story. Can we call Religion a theory? lol

2pacalypsenow370d ago

Well everyone treats the big bang and evolution like it actually happened, and those are also "Theories". Mention god, "Oh that's all make believe", when in reality both are based on faith.

KingPin372d ago

its a shame that i wont be alive long enough to know if he is right or not.

ps360s372d ago

it is a shame...

I want to see humans on other planets or see other life forms and am very excited with how tech has been progressing but our life span won't let as :(

as we were all born in a timeline where tech has been in our lifes it's alot different then say my parents or grand parents where there future is to see their kids grow up while we like to see more then just that

talking about the future of space exploration or any type of future tech gives me goosebumps lol