NASA's 5-Phase Mission Will Take Humans To Mars

About a month ago, President Trump issued a mandate for NASA, that they must get people to Mars by the year 2033. NASA came up with a detailed plan, that suggested the different phases involved in helping the humans reach the red planet.

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pressjudge416d ago

With this statement Trump became the coolest president

coolbeans416d ago

Let's not jump the gun too soon. ;)

annoyedgamer416d ago

It needs to be successful first, im curious as to how the Trump admin will use both Nasa and SpaceX. The mission is likely to be a public private partnership.

MagicBeanz416d ago

I'm sure theres an illegals joke in here somewhere, you know forget "the wall" send em to mars instead, that sort of thing, surprised I'm not seeing it already, but then again maybe this site is touchy .

mafiahajeri415d ago

Maybe it would be cool if they sent Americans to Mars and it turned out that it was already inhabited by intelligent life.

Then said Americans would be considered illegal Aliens and would get there asses blown into the stratosphere...

Would be a nice change of pace :) and would make everybody a little more humble ;)

Muadiib415d ago

Under Obama NASA became a joke, God bless Trump, maga!