Ooho: The Biodegradable Water Bottle of the Future with the Weird Name

Have you ever wanted to eat your water bottle?  No?  Well soon you can thanks to Ooho.  Yes, I am aware of how weird that pitch sounds, but please keep in mind I never said it was a plastic water bottle.  The Ooho is meant to be edible. So, what is the Ooho?

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Zriley56406d ago

This is really cool, but I have doubts we'll see widespread adoption. People are lazy and resistant to change!

annoyedgamer406d ago

Wrong, if its convenient and cheap, it will get adopted.

Noctis405d ago

god your icon always freaks me out, that looks too much like the nazi swastika.
you wouldn't believe trolls these days.

annoyedgamer405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

@Noctis Its supposed to. Its a G for Google. Im accusing them if being Nazis foe web censorship and agenda pushing.

GOODKylePP406d ago

Wow this is really a thing

brianparker406d ago

This I have to see for myself :D

Urist406d ago

To be fair, this is something that has to happen, the amount of plastic wasted is atrocious, especially when you consider how essential it is for say, our pharmaceutical industry.

wannabe gamer405d ago

has a long way to go before its actually realistic for people to use. i cant imagine anyone carrying around enough of these blobs to be worth it practically