FCC blocks proposal to allow cellphone calls on airplanes

It's official. The proposal to push for cellphone calling on airplanes is no more.

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sonicwrecks373d ago

Until you're on a plane and need to make a call, yeah. ;)

Zerg373d ago

If everyone had an iPhone this would not be a problem

KingPin373d ago

this is just for the best.

besides, some airlines, like emirates, offer free wifi so you can always IM whoever you need to if its really that important.

kevinsheeks372d ago

this wasn't done for consumers, this was done so airlines can charge you for their services what's to stop you from making a call over voip?

Speed-Racer372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Really? I'd think that calls would use more bandwidth and result in more sales in the long run.

Urist371d ago

Thank god for that. Flying is unpleasant enough without someone shouting loudly down their phone next to you for six hours