iPhone 8 release may be pushed back to late October or November

Apple's iPhone 8 release may be pushed back to either late October or early November because of a technical issue in the production of its OLED displays.

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Zerg252d ago

Bad news! I wanted to buy one for my girlfriend for her birthday but I guess she will have to wait now.

KingPin252d ago

good on apple, now you wont get to ruin her birthday.

micbrc251d ago

Who seriously buys iphones as presents just be like here have $800.

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Inzo252d ago

Is this why they ordered 70 million OLED displays from Samsung?

kevnb252d ago

well its hard to take these guys seriously, the next iphone will be 7s.

Speed-Racer251d ago

Multiple model releases bro

lollollolhahaha251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Apple - "Hey everyone look at us! We have created the worlds first Bezel-less phone and it looks awesome. And we are sorry for the removal of the headphone jack we know you guys didn't like that, so we brought it back in our iPhone 8. Instead we got rid of the lightning port now. And we are using these awesome OLED panels that we made!

Everyone - Did you guys forget about the S8? And the Samsung screens you bought?
And did you guys forget that apple double releases their models? Next will be the iphone 7 s and 7s plus