Boeing unveil their Deep Space Gateway, our first stop on the journey to Mars

Mars, the red planet, travel to Mars has long been a trope of science fiction and Boeing’s latest announcement will bring us one step closer to finally setting foot there.

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annoyedgamer617d ago

Private companies are the future of space travel.

cyclindk617d ago (Edited 617d ago )

Private companies have generally been the innovators when it comes to most technology. And a company can consist of a single person obviously.

The best thing governments can do for its people is in the arena of legislation that suits its citizens best.

Leave the rest to them and only AID them in their endeavors.

SpringHeeledJack616d ago

Got to be joking. It's government that developed this technology and got the ball rolling, with Russia and america. You will find most private companies just refine what government developed usually from the defence department like computers, rockets, internet etc.

If it was up to private companies we would all still be using oil and never be developing fusion power or nuclear power.