The U.N. Is Currently Meeting To Negotiate A Complete, Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons

Scientists from around the globe have signed an open letter in support of the UN banning nuclear weapons.

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micx417d ago

This needs to happen.

sonicwrecks417d ago

Such a shame the main players don't care enough to do something to start winding this back.

Haurus417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

The problem is it would be completely impossible to monitor and enforce. Any country that actually agrees to and follows through with it would essentially be committing long term suicide. Countries that secretly maintain their nukes will have absolute power in any future wars.

Hypothetical situation, agreement passes, USA dismantles nukes, Russia keeps secret underground stockpile, world war 3 breaks out, 12 hours later USA is a smoking crator and Russia is sitting pretty with zero casualties. Russia would then be able to annex the entire planet and nobody would be able to do anything to stop it, under threat of an undefendable nuclear attack.

Nukes are unfortunately one of those technologies that once it exists, it is practically impossible to ever actually get rid of. The only way to actually get rid of them would be for the entire planet to come under the control of a single government. Anything less would just be a total transfer of power to the less honorable nations.

annoyedgamer417d ago

More PR to protect an outdated system. Such a thing will never happen and thankfully the US isnt going to dump its nukes as a virtue signal while everyone else laughs and stores theirs.

Tumaras416d ago

Except most of the countries with nuclear weapons (including Russia, the US, UK, France, etc.) are not there since they decided not to attend. So it's not terrible useful. It's also another example of how useless the UN is that they would bother having this meeting without any of the players there to actually make any changes.