Jeff Bezos Now Rules Amazon From The Cockpit Of A Giant Robot

In a move set to raise the bar with multi-billionaire entrepreneurs everywhere (I’m lookin’ at you, Elon), Jeff Bezos walked into the annual MARS conference piloting a 13 foot tall, one-and-a-half ton robot.

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MattDavisGR541d ago

The mighty Amazon is in power :) Nice ride what does the girls say ? :))))

Retroman539d ago

I Highly doubt Jeff got in and start walking. i'd be to scared to move it ,afraid it Might fall.

Stringerbell539d ago

Dont disagree with the boss, he might just step on you =p

ProjectVulcan539d ago

*Bezos robot voice* I will destroy all small retailers, Destroy! Destroy!

sonicwrecks539d ago

I don't think much of this new Amazon Prime drone delivery system...