PS4 Update 4.50 Brings A Terrible BUG Along with Plethora of New Features | MobiPicker

According to Ubergizmo, a growing number of PS4 users have reported that since updating to the PS4 System Software 4.50, they were not able to connect...

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Deadpooled427d ago

I hate what Sony did with the notifications, it's made the notifications section diabolically bad to use. It's like they went backwards and scrapped the user friendly categories and lumped the notifications on one list, also making it harder to delete notifications as well.

P.S - I got banned from N4G forever so am commenting here from now on.

-Mezzo-426d ago

Good to know it's not just me who hates what they did with the Notifications Tab, it actually more complicated now and i hate it.

Plus after the update my Profile has gotten might slow for some reason.

neoragex422d ago

Glad I din't update my PS4.. hopefully they sort this one quickly.