US cities to place $10bn order for electric vehicles in defiance of Trump

Thirty US cities have asked the auto industry about the possibility of buying 114,000 electric vehicles – including police cars, rubbish trucks and street sweepers – for about $10bn (about £8.2bn) to help cut carbon emissions from the transport sector. The move would fly in the face of the Trump administration, which is expected to cut or scrap air pollution regulations, and also have a significant impact on the demand for electric cars.

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annoyedgamer459d ago

Talk about tabloid news. US cities can order whatever they want, its called the free market. That does not mean that the Trump administration is obligated to prop up an electric car manufacturer that is bleeding cash. If, however the order is filled and the company goes under, the cities will have to answer to the taxpayers.

Erik7357458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Its not bleeding cash and if anything coal and oil is bleeding cash at this point for tax payers.

these cities are necessarily doing it in defiance of trump, trust me they wont do shit if it wont save them money.

Its just trump userbase doubted if technology was there yet and Obama was a HUGE advocate for this so republicans campaigned on getting voters to hate it. I think Trump will push for Clean energy just becauses it will save money in the near future and just had coal and oil as camapign pillars for a uneducated user base.

dcbronco457d ago

Funny conservatives never complain about all the handouts to the oil industry and coal industry. Or other major corporations period. They are either ignorant of it or biased towards those companies. Which is understandable if you're an executive who also happens to be trash. But for the average American it says something about you.

These companies will never benefit you. You look at Exxon during the 2008 depression. They made record profits while gas use was way down. How? They raised prices. While a large part of the population was struggling, Exxon gouged. And still received their $100s of millions in annual tax credits and handouts. Do these people know companies like Exxon and Coke get hundreds of millions to expand their businesses? Despite billions in profit. Yet conservatives whine when a start up gets a break. Even a loan. As if many of these lazy current major corporations will ever do much of anything that will move us forward.

Electric vehicles are our future, get over it. They cost five cents a gallon compared to cars. They perform better. They require far less maintenance and are cheaper to repair. And they are better for the environment. You would think, if nothing else, conservatives would appreciate the cost savings by going electric. Right now most cities, if not all, lose money on public transportation. Electric vehicles would turn that completely around. Instead of $3 gas you pay $.05 of electricity. Once it goes autonomous it's even more profitable.