Hushme is a noise cancelling wearable you absolutely don’t need

Unfortunately, Hushme is a real thing and it plans on being launched sometime this year.

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Speed-Racer464d ago

HushMe article is an article you absolutely don't need to read

nikrel464d ago

I know what i'm getting my wife for our anniversary.

annoyedgamer464d ago

I came here to look for this comment.

NecotheSergal464d ago

I'd not be able to help myself and talk like Bane from Batman.

"Ahh hello Batman~ I was MOOOLLDED by the darkness..."

Other than that, a really stupid-looking device that probably won't go anywhere. I understand the concept, but am sure more people rather walk around looking like they're talking to themselves and looking like idiots than to use this thing, and that speaks volumes.

ps360s464d ago

it might look stupid to the consumers but I can see this kind of thing in military ect :)

very useful for the force

KingPin464d ago

are they serious or is this youtube video from college humor or something.

Lamboomington464d ago

It is truly the next generation of headphones.