Uber is forcing drivers in Seattle to listen to anti-union propaganda

To dissuade drivers from unionizing, Uber is forcing drivers to listen to podcasts about voting rights, collective bargaining and city council hearings.

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thorstein465d ago (Edited 465d ago )

Unions are the enemy of the Oligarchs. The oligarchs have somehow convinced the American populace that Pensions and Benefits are bad for them.

-Mezzo-463d ago

This has not been a good one for Uber so far, first the Sexist stuff and now this.

annoyedgamer463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

Uber was a hero to the leftists when they talked trash about President Trump and refused to go to his business meetings even though it was a chance to voice their opinion. Sooner or later the kids will realize big corporations only work for their own interest..for better or worse. This is one of the reasons Uber was ranting about the travel restriction: cheap foreign labor.

Stringerbell461d ago

No. Progressive economists have derided Uber and the 'sharing economy' since day 1. Its libertarian / conservative capitalists that have always praised Uber and similar business practices. Regardless of Uber's CEO removing himself from Trump's tech team, Trump's polices will no doubt generate billions of dollars for them and the rest of the extractive 'sharing' economy. Meanwhile their independent contractors will continue their side hustle for near minimum wage.